Hello, welcome to edition number 3 of the Scribblezine! Today, we have a new writer! Pokemon35!!! He will be writing for the Daily Shop and Battle of the NPCs: Champion Duel. On Fake News, MM230 goes out to look for the rare Dragon. Today, we also have an interview with MM230 himself in the News section. At the Daily Shop, we will have some nice cuisine in The Daily Item Shop. And, find out how the Masked Breakdancer was finally captured recently. Find out how to combine objects to one another, there will also be another surprise in the Tips and Tricks section. Together with Daily Comments section, this gonna be a good edition. We also have a cool battle today in Battle of the NPCs, where the champion of this months edition will be battling the champion of Scribblezine Edition I's champion -- Werewolf, in Battle of the NPCs: Champion Duel. Hope you enjoy this edition, READ ON!!!!!!!!!

Fake NewsEdit

Scribblenaut DiscoveriesEdit

Hello! It's me! Marioman23230, here with my partner, Pokemon35. We're on the Sedan today and we're looking for a Dragon. Not just any type of dragon, a rare Dragon of Volkenwrath. Rumors has it that the Dragon of Volkenwrath guards the sword called the Great Sword of Volkenwrath. It is a sword larger and stronger than ordinary Swords. Volkenwrath is a Necromancer that summoned the Dragon to guard his sword right before his death. Oh! We're here. Nothing much too interesting in ths barren rock. Ah!! Sieges! MM230 (Lv. 3), P35 (Lv. 2) vs. Siege 3x (Lv. 3). MM230 used Rapid Fire! Siege A lost 21 HP, 3 HP left. P35 used Roundhose kick! Siege A lost 13 HP, Siege A fainted! P35 gained a level. P35 learned Trick Shot. Siege B used Slash! MM230 lost 31 HP, 21 HP left. MM230 used Trick Shot! Siege B lost 53 HP, Siege B fainted. Siege C lost 2 HP, 22 HP left. P35 used Flying Tackle! Siege C lost 23 HP, Siege C fainted. What a nice welcome! First, we were attacked by Sieges!!! WHAT NEXT!! "Probably that", What!? A riddle! I'll solve this one! This seems to be a letter for Volkenwrath! It reads: "Volkenwrath of lies, kinesis edeavorytus norbilum warts renayas acolypse. To He." I don't know how to crack this one...... The password seems to have eleven words. "What coincedence! MM230!!" Not know! I'm thinking. "Kinesis edeavorytus norbilum warts renayas acolypse" seems to be Necromancer slang. "I got it!!! MM230!!!" NOT NOW!!!!! Kinesis? Must be some kind of voodoo magic. "MM230!!!!" WHAT!!!??? "I know the answer! If you put all the first letters of each word, you'll get the answer! Look: "Volkenwrath of lies, kinesis edeavorytus norbilum warts renayas acolypse. To He." So there password must be -- Volkenwrath." Ha! I should have known. *creak* It actually works! OMG!! The Great Sword of Volkenwrath!! No way!! It's mine!!!! Oh no!! It's the Dragon!! MM230 (Lv. 3), P35 (Lv. 3) vs. Volkenwrath's Dragon (Lv. 20). MM230 used Reinforcements! VD lost 121 HP, 1325 HP left. VD used Night Shade. P35 lost 5624 HP. P35 fainted. Huh? What happend to MM230? Gotcha!!! MM230 equiped the Great Sword of Volkenwrath! "Hahahhahah, puny explorer! Only Lord Volkenwrath knows the spell to extend the sword to it's full potential!" And I think I know the spell! "What is it, puny explorer!" Here goes!! KINESIS EDEAVORYTUS NORBILUM WARTS RENAYAS ACOLYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "No! It can't be, puny explorer. You have summoned Lord Volkenwrath from his grave!!" Lord Volkenwrath used Psybeam, VD lost 6347 HP. VD fainted. "Thank you, young explorer. You have woken me up from the deep sleep. I shall now aid you through the power of the sword!" *Volkenwrath's spirit flies into the sword* Thank you, Volkenwrath. It's all over. And I can use the Great Sword as a weapon too! Cool!

MM230 wants someone to wield Volkenwrath's Sword. If you think you're worthy enough, tell MM230 in this edition's or his Talk Page.

The Daily Item ShopEdit

Bonjour! Welcome to another edition of Ze Daily Item Shop. Tozay, we are letting people vote! Vote for what exactly? Well! For the new attraction on ze Daily Shop -- P35's Cuisine. We're letting you vote what you like to order on P35's Cuisine. Here's ze rules. I'll give out ze menu at every time at ze end of ze edition of ze Daily Shop. Inzide there, there are various types of gourmet dishes. You type what you like to eat on ze Talk Page. I'll count ze votes, and then, P35 will show hiz hilarious ways of cooking zem. After ze food iz cooked (Of course, I never saw him cook, so I don't know what is inside ze disgusting thing) I'll give ze review. And you guyz vote on ze disgusting thing! Well, you didn't get to buy anything, but be sure to check out ze menu.

Fish Headz, French Version French Fries, Russian-made hamburger (When Russia tries to imitate America's burgers.), Indonesian Unknown Meat. (It's a random piece of meat (or dung) from animals of Indonesia.)

P35's CuisineEdit

Nobody ordered. Don't worry, it'll get better next month.


H: Welcome, today we're going to interview Scribblenaut Discoveries very own MM230!! Sit down, MM230.

MM230: Thank you.

H: Erm...... what is your f...f...first

MM230: I gone to the North Pole to meet Santa!

H: O...ok, what about the next adve...nture.

MM230: I killed a Deity!

H: W...w...well Ok.

MM230: Why are you sweating?

H: That...... SWORD!

MM230: Oh! This baby. I bagged it in my recent adventure: Quest for Volkenwraths Sword!!!

H: Yes.....

MM230: Host? Host? HOST?

H: ...............

MM230: Well that's all for today, see you next time. HHHHHHOOOOOSSSSSTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Police ArrestsEdit

Today, we actually caught the Masked Breakdancer. At February 1st, a boxing match in Stunt Park. Two fighters were bracing themselves for attack. When the match started, the fighters started attacking in a form that has some kind of breakdancing movement. Suddenly, an audience came up and climbed onto the ring and started breakdancing. The scene was quiet, you could hear a needle drop. Everyone stared at the guy, mouths wide open. A guy called Scribblenauts911. They came and caught the guy who is apparently the famed Masked Breakdancer. He was sent to court and asked why he suddenly breakdance. He said: "I couldn't resist". The Masked Breakdancer was sent to jail for 20 years for murder, vandalism of the society, vandalism of Scribblenauts Wiki, unpaid taxes, and causing half the country to have wide-mouth-open cramps. But there is still one more out there, the Threatening Trio. *everybody in the studio starts screaming and running around in circles* *sigh*.

Tips and TricksEdit

Today, we learn how to tie things to each other. First, type Chain or Vine or Rope. Grap the item you just typed and pull it onto a solid object and attach it to the green dot on the object. Do the same to another solid object using the other end of the item. And that's how to tie things together.

We also learn an extra bonus. Type Paintbrush, pick up the Paintbrush and click another object. Click Use. And then you'll paint it violet! How cool is that!

Daily CommentsEdit

Today's subject is Falcon. What do you guys think about Falcon.

"It is a bird"

-- Marioman23230

"I can carry it, if only I can squeeze it"

-- John

"I equiped myself witha Scuba and dived into the water while holding a Falcon, it drowned."

-- Pokemon35

If you would like to add a comment, type it in the Talk Page.

Battle of the NPCsEdit

The time we've all been waiting for! It's BATTLE OF THE NPCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this game, four contestants will battle their brains out! Sooner or later in the game, an object will be put inside changing the tide of the battle. Today, we're having teams of two. This duo is gonna battle it to the top. If the remaining two are from the same team, they have to kill each other. Ha. Ok, first contestants: Enemy and Villain, Enemy is Villain's henchman, so Villain can control Enemy. Second contestants: Cop and Soldier, well these two are THE LAW. Third contestants: Tiger and Lion, both are king, by now, they're probably battling for the crown, but in this, they're friends (So many commas). Last but not least, Knight and Dragon, die you foul beast! Is what the knight always say. But in this, he is friends with the Dragon. BATTLE START!!!!!!!!!!!!! The battle starts with the Lion jumping onto the Dragon, but the Dragon counters with a fiery blow! Ah! The Lion is on fire! But the Tiger tries to ambush the Dragon. SLASH! The Knight victoriously cuts the head off the Tiger. The Tiger is down, don't worry in this game, every contestant gets three lives. So, that's live one for the Tiger. Meanwhile, Cop and Soldier engaged combat with Villain while Enemy is doing nothing, awaiting further commands. With the bullets of the duo, Villain fell into the depths of darkness which also destroys his first life. Enemy knew he could not wait any longer and started to attack. SLASH! Ouch, the Enemy was attacked by Lion-on-fire. AHH!!!! It burnt to his death. Knight and Cop fought victoriously to the finish while a Falcon suddenly appeared in the horizon.It got curious and went to see what they were doing and you know what they say: "Curiousity killed the cat" And the Falcon ended up as fried chicken. As soon as the Lion and Tiger revive, it quickly ran for the roast bird. Though, the Lion reach there first. The get angry and fight for the bird. The Knight came later to kill both of them after killing the Cop. Soldier called reinforcements to kill the Dragon. After, Knight killed the Lion and Tiger, he he walked on the park suddenly getting shot by a Bazooka. BOOM!! The Knight is now nothing more than ashes. Soldier is the only one alive. MUNCH!! Lion ate the Soldier. Little does it know, it swalloed a Grenade along with the Soldier. BOOM! The Lion is dead meat. As soon as Dragon revived, it ate the last life of the Lion. Tiger killed Cop and Knight one SLASH of a claw. Dragon killed Nothing. Soldier killed Dragon once more and was eaten by a Tiger. Villain and Enemy ran for their lives as Cop and Knight respawn. The duo were killed. Cop hunted down the Knight and got killed by Villain. Enemy was actually a traitor and killed Villain, whatsoever Knight valiantly killed Villain and was at once killed by Tiger. Dragon killed both Tiger, Soldier and Enemy and there THE END!!! The winner is Dragon!! It avoided the slash of the Lion, the gunshots of the Cop, the torture of the Villain, the bites of the Tiger. It DIDN'T avoid the reinforcements of the Soldier and it killed the Enemy. Congrats! Dragon is moving on to Champion Duel.

  1. Dragon
  2. Enemy
  3. Soldier
  4. Tiger
  5. Villain
  6. Knight
  7. Cop
  8. Lion

Champion DuelEdit

Today, Pokemon35 is going to use this edition's champion -- Dragon, to fight edition I's champion -- Werewolf. Ok, Battle Start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The battle starts with the Werewolf biting the Dragon,but the Dragon couters with Final Blowup, the Werewolf fainted, but in this game the two contestants has three lives. So, the Werewolf revive. Werewolf use bite and the dragon use scratch but the dragon missed.So, the dragon used Final Blowup but the Dragon. SLASH!!!!! Ouch, the Dragon fainted. Dragon revive. Dragon used Final Blowup.Werewolf fainted. Werewolf is reviving. Dragon used FINAL BLOWDOWN!!!!!!!!! Dragon wins again. The Dragon gets to move on and fight the next Edition's champion.