Sometimes, the goal to winning in a level is to dive down and collect stuff. But how do you dive? This simple How To shows you how to mastermind diving.

Diving 1/3 Edit

To dive, you have to have a taste for fashion. These clothes will allow you to dive underwater. Oh no, You gone down and forgotten a weapon. These other two steps teach you how to dive and fight at the same time.

Items suitable for the job Edit

Diving 2/3 Edit

Oh no! A Shark! Here's another way to dive. Animals. Sea dwellers can give you a ride down to the bottom of the ocean, and if there is danger, they will help you defeat them. Oh no! The treasure chest is right over there, and we need a Shovel to get it. What do we do now?

Items suitable for the job Edit

Diving 3/3 Edit

The final lesson!! Here's a more convenient way to dive. Vehicles. And if has a projectile weapon, you can fire it into the sand to break right through it!!! We finally found the deep ocean treasure chest.

Items suitable for the job Edit