Puzzle Solution Edit

Hint: Rock Band!

Solution 1: Give one a Guitar, and the other a Bongo (Instrument) and the other one a Electric Guitar

Solution 2: Give one a Harmonica and the other a Acous Guitar and the other a Flute

Solution 3: Give one a Bass Guitar and the other one a Clarinet and the other a Triangle (Instrument)

Puzzle Appearance Edit

You start in front of four humans, a Rockstar, a Delivery Man, a Bookie and a Biker standing on 3 Tables. On top of you is a poster only for decoration.

Action Solution Edit

Hint: Movin' and groovin'

Solution 1: Equip yourself with Wings and click the Starite. When it maneuvers upwards, Maxwell will make a dash for it.

Solution 2: Equip yourself with a Jetpack. Do the same as Solution 1.

Solution 3: Use a gun and shoot the rope. Grab the Starite. (Precaution: Do not shoot the rope closest to the Starite or the bullets will hit the Starite instead.)

Action Appearance Edit

You are right in front of a Starite which is attached to a Rope and a Steel. It will start moving around as it were dancing.