== Puzzle Solution== Hint: What does the teacher want for her classroom?

Solution 1: Give the Teacher an Apple.

Solution 2: Give the Teacher a Student.

Solution 3: Give the Teacher a Chalk.

Puzzle AppearanceEdit

You start next to a Door with a Fire Alarm on top of it, next to it is a Potted Plant. To your upper right, there is a Clock. To your right is a Teacher, two Desks and a Chalkboard.

Action SolutionEdit

Hint: Heist! But don't harm the security guards!

Solution 1: Use Wing to fly up, then throw a Tranquilliser Dart at the Policeman. Use Fire to burn the wooden artifacts to reach the Starite.

Solution 2: Use a Jetpack to fly up. Avoid the Policeman and use Flamethrower to burn the wooden artifacts.

Solution 3: Use Winged Sandals to fly up. Use Blue Magic to freeze the Policeman. Use Lava to burn the wooden artifacts.

Action AppearanceEdit

You start next to an Emergency Exit. The artifacts include: a Sarcophagus which contains a Mummy, a Statue, a Totem, a Box and a Wooden Cage. There is a Big Steel Box next to the wooden artifacts. To your right is a Security Guard and a Security Camera that triggers a Large Steel Gate that blocks your access to the Starite sitting on the Pedestal.