Tutorial 1/3: Some objects have multiple interactions. If Maxwell is holding a ball, and tap a crate, he could either throw it at the crate or put it inside. Action Buttons will pop up each time there is more than one option. Pick up the ball.

Tutorial 2/3: Now tap the crate and notice the pictures on the icons. Choose which action Maxwell will do!Well done!

Tutorial 3/3: Depending on how you solve a level, style "Merits" will be awarded to you. You will see the "Merits" the top creen upon completion of a level. You may also view more details about your achieved merits on the options screen. When you're ready, get the Starite!

Solution: Pick up the Ball and click the Crate, select either Throw or Fill. Then grab the Starite.


You start in a Castle like building. Next to you is a Ball and Box.